Anahtive: /’ aana ətɪv/

Instructing shapes into their path, leading to form the universe from nothing to everything, breathing soul by exhaling oxygen & dropping colors into their creation, finding a name, an identity for the finishing touch of every single masterpiece. Let’s put that all in one word together

– Anahtive

I’m Anahita Diba, passionate about art and the way it mesmerizes my everyday life and how it breaks the routine of ordinary decisions by showing me the beauty of the world in any sign of creation. Like any artists you may know, I feel much better as I’m brushing colors gently and smoothly while I’m painting on a canvas to leave a masterpiece behind to be left as my history.

In my last few years of migration from Iran to Australia, I focused much more on promoting my skills and attitude to take steps forward to be close to what I always dreamed to be, spending the begging of my youth in Refugees camp for almost six years is not probably the best teenagehood decision to make but all along there are still things worth to fight for. at the time people were hanging out and laughing I decided to never let my dreams remain as dreams therefore today I titter and enjoy my time spending with people and things that introduce me today as really who I am.


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